Calling All Nurses and Other Compassionate Healers

Are you a nurse or caring person who believes in the power of touch and have a compassion to help people heal?

Do You Feel You Have Healing Abilities?

Are you interested in becoming certified as an energy healer, starting your own energy practice?

Are You Interested In Taking Certification As An Energy Healer?

Are you interested in a 2nd or a side career in helping people and having your own professional practice?

Would you be interested in training in the most prodigious, highly credentialed and well respected energy curriculum in the country with a highly experienced HT practitioner and nurse with 20 years experience in both healthcare and private practice!!!

Rekindle your passion – Healing Touch!

The empowered person today arms themselves with taking care of their whole person on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Energywork is personally empowering.

Janet Mentgen, a nurse and the creator of Healing Touch said she wanted to see Healing Touch practiced in every household. This is what you can do to clear yourself and others of tension and stress and create an atmosphere of health and wellness. You really can’t afford to not learn these basic tools.

When you are injured, ill or under stress, the natural flow of energy between the energy centers of your body can become congested. Since we are integrated beings, mind, body, emotion and spirit, the congested flow of energy negatively impacts both the way you feel and your body’s ability to heal.

Welcome to my website, I specialize in bringing relief to the lives of others. I use gentle, light or near-body touch to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system to unleash your body’s own natural restorative powers.

I specialize in helping people who suffer from cancer, accidents or excessive stress. Often my clients have found Healing Touch has helped where other therapies have failed.

Healing Touch is a wonderful, heart centered approach that works along side your traditional medical treatments so you can live a fuller, healthier life.

Healing Touch Certified Practitioners can be found across the country and they include doctors, nurses and anyone who cares for the total heal and well being of others.

So don’t suffer in silence. Let me help you live your life to it’s fullest. Call today for a free consultation .

Why do you want to work with me?

I work with Clients and their professionals such as “Therapists, Doctors, Nurses and any other HCProfessionals, (traditional or holistic)” to assist the client on their path to Wholeness, Harmony and Balancing. HT balances their energy system or life force helping one to move forward on the healing path.

I can help you, through in our journey together, to your wholeness working through and in conjunction with therapists and other practitioners to find your inner peace through beginnings, endings, marriages, divorce, birth, death of loved ones, grief and recovery. My support can help you move forward with dignity and grace.

What differentiates me from all the other practitioners is the professionalism and certification of Healing Touch and how I use it

Collaborating in conjunction with your healthcare providers.  I have mental health experience of over 20 years and can help by working along side other counselors and/or professionals. I have been a certified Holistic Nurse since 1995 and a certified Mental Health nurse since 1989. What differentiates me from the rest is that I am a RN with professional certifications with years of HT experience. I have successfully worked with clients with Mental Health diagnosis whether it be depression and/or other MH disorders to help them stabilize and recover. I hold the space with compassion and understanding.

For other practitioners and professionals, I can help you gain credentialing through Healing Touch Program. This is the only energy work program with accreditation and certification.

With all the various modalities out there you want this coveted endorsement.

Follow this link to find out more and check out my class page today. I am the only RN with my years of experience In Healing Touch who has worked in the Traditional Health Care system and a successful private practice. I bring this to my classes. I have been coordinating classes since 1995 and teaching them since 2008. I have practiced Healing Touch in traditional hospital, home care and hospice settings.

I have extensive knowledge to share with you while presenting the professional curriculum of  Healing Touch Program.

You can go to my session scheduling or sign up for a class on my events page today!