About Jean

Jean M. White RN-BC, HN-BC, HTCP, HTCI


HTPApin-150x150Jean has been a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner since 1998 and a Certified Holistic Nurse since 1995.

She studied with Janet Mentgen, the creator of the Healing Touch program, through many classes that she coordinated in the Quakertown area (1995-2001).

She has a private practice in Healing Touch and Holistic Nursing.

She works as a CTRN (Complementary Therapy Nurse) at Holy Redeemer Hospice and resides as facility mentor there integrating Healing Touch into end of life care.

Jean in the founder of PA Healing Touch and is located in Langhorne PA. PA Healing Touch serves the Bucks County/Philadelphia PA area.

Best-Shot-of-porch-picture2My story, how I came to Healing Touch.

I’ve always had an intuitive side. I became interested in alternative health at about age 19 when I did some hatha yoga on my own while living out in the country.

With that I became interested in exercise, diet, nutrition and the use of natural remedies.

In high school I had wanted to become a nurse but wasn’t interested in nursing in the traditional sense so I didn’t pursue it.  In my early 20s I was actually signed up for nursing school but something happened that I couldn’t go.  I actually didn’t start nursing school until I was thirty with two boys and a husband and an old farmhouse to fix. I was an earth mother at heart.  By then, things had changed and I saw that nursing was expanding in its’ world view.

I graduated on a Friday and started working on a Monday.  I worked inpatient psychiatric and detox for 14 years.  I’ve also had experience in a holistic doctor’s practice, chiropractic, homecare and hospice where I work today.

Soon after I started working I found holistic nursing. I went through a wonderful program called “Seeds and Bridges”, a 4 phase program. They added another phase before we were eligible for the first certification in holistic nursing.  This was a lot of community service and projects.  I extensively presented in the Pennsburg, Quakertown area from 1995-2001.

I was number 14 of the first group certified in 1995.  Around the same time I started coordinating Healing Touch workshops. I started a holistic nursing network under the American Holistic Nurses Association.  I was state coordinator.  I brought Healing Touch and holistic nursing to many nurses and other types of healers in that area. We were never exclusive and invited other types of holistic practitioners to join us learning about all kinds of holistic modalities, practices and ways of being in the world. It was an expansive and fun time.

Charlotte-Maguire-300x210But it was during one of my phases in holistic nursing in 1994 that I found Healing Touch. I was doing a practicum on homeopathy and it wasn’t working out.  My instructor was ill and not available. I then heard about a workshop in Philadelphia that a Marilee Tolen was coordinating on this thing called Healing Touch!  There must have been 50 students there. It was there that I found Healing Touch and when I found Healing Touch, I felt like I had found home.  Suddenly a lot of things that I knew in my heart before came together.  A lot of intuitive experiences I’d had in the past fit. And the journey began!

I started working in a doctor’s office in l995 where I was invited to see the patients. The doctor chose who she thought would benefit.
Then I had an office in Dreamcatcher in Skippack, Pa and in my home in Pennsburg, Pa. for over 5 years.   I had many clients that I saw over those years. Some were with me over the whole time I practiced there. I was certified in 1998 and in 1999 went to the instructor program with Janet Mentgen.  I had the joy of being with Janet through some classes in the early years of coordinating. Healing Touch was still young and Janet was very present. I feel blessed for that.

I worked with people with women in pregnancy and trying to get pregnant. Sometimes having the field be balanced can do amazing things. I worked with a woman who had lost babies through a healthy pregnancy and birth.

I worked with people with cancer, assisting the management of their stress level as they dealt with their disease.

I thank a wonderful client who became a dear friend with whom I worked with for two years. I thank her for her special gift of her memory and the time we spent together in Healing Touch sessions before she passed. The time was very rich in the gifts of life.

Janet-photo-300x161I worked with people who had been through abusive childhoods and learned to accept the gift of safe touch through their Healing Touch sessions.  Sometimes they would visit their counselors and therapists either right before or right after a Healing Touch session. In some cases they were able to realize their dreams and move on.

I worked with people in healthcare and helping professions who so much need stress relief. They would come regularly for sessions to decrease their stress and grow by expanding their awareness through Healing Touch. It helps healthcare professional and other caregivers stay well even when under increased stress.

There are many other stories….  These are only some of the experiences I have been blessed to have on this journey as a healing touch practitioner.

In 1998 I started the Healing Touch Instructor program after being invited by Janet Mentgen.  Because of some major life changes for me I moved and didn’t come back to the instructor program until 2006. I was certified in 2008.

I am blessed today to work as a Complimentary Therapy Nurse in a hospice program. I don’t only practice Healing Touch and Holistic Nursing but also Reflexology, aromatherapy and imagery. I am also a certified mental health nurse and use a lot of relaxation and stress management techniques in my work. I love bringing caring, loving experiences to the dying and their caregivers who need it so much.

Today I again have a private practice that is growing everyday. Today I have a wonderful space thanks to loving people in my life.

I teach level one workshops in Philadelphia/Bucks County area.

I love mentoring and bringing this work to others on many levels because it is loving and heart centered work. It brings a different and complementary level of caring to the realm of traditional and individual healthcare, making it truly holistic treating body mind and spirit.

As usual with this kind of work recently I have been privy to some wonderful Healing Touch experiences that border on the magnificent and seem like miracles.

That is the joy of being part of this work. I am so honored to be able to do it and bring it to others.

I am grateful everyday in my meditation and prayers that I have this opportunity to serve in this way.