Client Testimonials


Jean is an amazing instructor. She is truly the embodiment of Healing Touch. She is easy to understand, she makes you feel very comfortable and encourages you to continue to practice in order reap the fullest possibilities on your journey. Thank you Jean. I wish to continue to level 2. I am truly inspired.

Andrea Wysinger


Eval- Summary- Continuing Comments from Level 1, November 11-12, 2017.


Jean had a positive energy which helped connect the class. As a massage therapist, I have taken many courses, and this has been one of the best I have taken.

Judy Via Cava


The class was more involved than I had imagined. The work was intense, but rewarding. The energy in the class was very positive, energizing and healing. Highly Recommend.

Sherry VonGrey-Alvarez, RN


Jean brings her years of experience in HT to the classroom, which is a wonderful learning experience.

Gail Meyer


Jean was a wonderful teacher and made my first experience with energy medicine amazing.

She explained things thoroughly and in a way beginners could easy understand. I look forward to continuing my journey with healing touch. Thank you for this unforgettable experience.

Sydney Steele

Other comments from other recent classes:

The class was very informative and wonderful hands on experience. Jean was a perfect instructor

Lynn Purvis

Jean was fantastic, she was patient & very knowledgeable. Provided great insight.

Teacher is very knowledgeable & is very easy to watch demonstrate as she describes everything in detail and understandably.

She was conscientious of time & of the students understanding of techniques.

Visual and Audio Resources were very helpful.