Vibrate Wellness and Health and Combat the Effects of Aging

Healing Touch is self care.

Once you take a level 1 you will have a variety of techniques to use on yourself and others that can help you stay young and vibrant.

Research finds that we are bombarded with things every day that take our energy and our life force.

It is documented that we need to first take care of ourselves and then we will have the energy to take care of others. You can’t give water from an empty well.

You will find that taking just a few minutes first thing in the morning to take care of yourself will reap lots of benefits in the rest of your day and your life and it accumulates positively.

Sign up for a class today. It is money well spent on the way to elevating your health and of everyone around you!

You deserve it and your family will love you for it too!!! See yourself as a new you! Vibrant and full of energy.

Healing Touch level 1 is a wonderful program to take even if you don’t continue through the rest of the multilevel program. You will learn lots of valuable techniques to use with family and friends and some valuable self care techniques. It’s the beginning of a beautiful journey. That’s why some of the caregivers I work with find it so valuable.

For health professionals the Healing Touch Program is a very professional program that soon will have national accreditation on top of the professional board certification already offered now.

Each level gives at least 16-18 credits to Nursing and some other health professionals, including massage therapists. If you are already someone who is licensed to put your hands on a person you can start right away to use it professionally in your work. This multilevel program does emphasize the development of the healer which is only one of the things that sets it apart from other programs. A certificate is given for each completed level. Certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner is awarded after going through the work involved with the 5 levels of HT including a year mentorship between levels 4-5. Please go to for more information.

We also are offering an internationally approved Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy. One can go through the steps to credentialing through the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy, We offer all three levels to certification at the Philadelphia location.

Join Us For Healing Touch Classes

Join Us For Healing Touch Classes